Sunday, December 27, 2009

Do Not Trust Eran Salu and Robert Efthimos

This blog has been started to notify the public to not trust nor do any business with Eran Salu or Robert Efthimos, both former owners of SG Capital, LLC and SG Capital Holdings, LLC of Los Angeles.

During the time they ran the company, they used unpaid workers (free labor) and worked them 50-80+ hr weeks, without pay. They promised them bonuses and pay, but none were ever paid. They tried to use the term "interns" to get away with the labor laws of the State of California. Most of the interns left unhappy, without pay, and used.

Next, they lost a large case against a former employee where they failed to pay that employee a bonus he rightfully earned. That employee was unpaid and was working on commission only and had worked 50-80 hrs a week, also without pay. They were cheap and ripped off several employees, including this one.

They got away with this for years and likely try this at their current workplace.

Imagine what they did to their clients? Well, they had several complaints from clients including at least one or two settlements with clients to keep it out of public knowledge.

Robert Efthimos is currently an attorney in Los Angeles at Hogan and Hartson, and Eran Salu is currently the owner of Business Leaders Media in North Carolina. Both went to school together at UC Berkeley Law School and both seem to still work together. Robert Efthimos is registered as a Board Member for Eran Salu's latest company, Business Leader Media, LLC.

Be sure and check California (also Nevada, North Carolina) court records of pending and prior law suits for the companies they have been involved with, and also personally. I am sure you will find tons more on them!

Please post comments of any additional deceits and bad dealings you have had with either of these con artists.
Also, because both Eran Salu and Robert Efthimos are scum bags and went to law school together....I will disclose that this blog is my own personal opionion. You can judge for yourself whether its fact or not. I believe it is and advise against doing ANY business with either of them, EVER.